JuiceEFruit Logo Design Leaves JEF Vaping E-Juice Heaven
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JuiceEFruit Logo Design

Being approached by JEF and offered the JuiceEFruit Logo Design project has so far been the highlight of 2016 and it happened in the middle of February.

About two years ago I decided to quit smoking. The thing is, I liked the habit so rather than giving up completely, I switched over to the much healthier option of vaping. It was one of the best lifestyle decisions of my life. I am now a vaper. I love to vape and I really enjoy all of the different flavours that are not available in tar filled cigarettes.

Of course being a complete vaping noob, I needed some advice regarding best kit and brand of tasty juices a beginner such as me should buy. I found expert help from the team at the fantastic BHVape based in Bournemouth and the rest is history!

At the time, JEF (JuiceEFruit) really liked their existing logo but they understood that it was originally put together to serve the purpose of having something fast to put on their bottle labels which were starting to fly off the shelf at an alarming rate. JEF loved the playful, colourful personalty of the original logo and wanted to keep that for the new logo, so this was to be more of a revamp than a complete ground up design.



JuiceEFruit really liked my idea of taking the letters JEF and using them as the focus for the logo and explained that many of their customers had already taken to calling their E-Juice products as JEF Juice. I saw plenty of opportunity to have some fun with the nick name with regard implementing it in more ways than just a company logo and bottle label. It’s wide open for evolution.

In a market where many vape juice manufacturers seem to be opting for dark gangster cool or massive beardy stylee, JEF’s overtly fun and colourful personality (which radiates from its core team of nutters) is proving to be a breath of fresh air.

Congratulations JEF, for your awesome Rhubarb Dripple Vape Juice being voted Top of the Vapes in issue 04 of Vapouround Magazine. Let the good times roll!

Mark Andrews
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