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Vape related clothing company, Ohm Made T-Shirts, contacted us and asked if we would come up with two anti-TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) slogans and two different emblems for a couple of T-Shirts that they wanted to make in time for the Vaper Expo which is to be held in Birmingham on May 6th, 7th and 8th, 2016.

Normally we do not touch anything of a political nature unless we agree with the cause. Vaping and the TPD is a topic close to my heart because I am a vaper. If it wasn’t for the introduction of e-cigarettes I would probably still be smoking. Vaping helped me to stop smoking cigarettes over night. The JuiceEFruit I vape has zero nicotine content and much better than that, zero tar, the stuff that kills. Until evidence becomes available that proves vaping is equally as harmful as smoking tobacco, I will keep on vaping.

Vape Against the Machine!

The TPD is an EU driven directive with a focus on banning vaping, why? Because there is not enough information about vaping and the effects it might have on our health. It’s a “we don’t know so let’s ban it just in case” scenario. Interestingly, the same motivations are not prescribed for smoking cigarettes, which they do know harms us! Must be a money issue – sorry, I mean a greed issue.

So when ‘Ohm Made’ asked for our help – I jumped all over it.


Vape Against the Machine – Freedom to Vape!

Fuck the EU Tobacco Product Directive! Resistance Will Save Vaping!

Ohm Made has attitude. They expressed their desire to not mince words. “We don’t want to be polite!” In earlier versions of the emblems, both contained swear words but I suggested that one message should avoid using our most popular Anglo-Saxon expletives and avoid attacking the TDP directly.


Fuck the EU Tobacco Product Directive! Resistance Will Save Vaping!

My reasons for this were two fold. One, to use a message that was inoffensive (anyone could wear it without concern) and two, keep the message timeless. If the powers that be were to trash the TDP making the term obsolete or better still, it be defeated, then an emblem sporting the letters would become out-of-date. Unless the message was “We beat the TPD!” Which unfortunately remains a pipe-dream at the moment.

To Ohm Made T-Shirts. It was a pleasure to work with you on this worthy project. My Shirt is already faded. New one please!

Mark Andrews
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